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September 14, 2001, 10:33
Here's another note stuffed into the B type stock of a recent G1 kit. Front and back of a single sheet of paper.


September 14, 2001, 13:29
I forwarded them to my Turkish cooworkers. Perhaps they will come through??????

September 14, 2001, 13:49

First one says

"Military man. This rifle I took care of as if I were taking care of myself. Whoever gets this I have one request-to take care of it like I (did). You will be very bored (bored,tired,repititous work) in this damned place. May God help you (blessing)

Artvin (a Turkish city)
Esat Akar


(seems to be oage two as it starts in the middle)

know this also, no matter how hard these days are they will pass my friend. The important thing is health. Whoever gets this gun I wish them well in the years of their service.

With kind regards
12-2 92 Carsamba (a city in Turkey)

September 14, 2001, 14:49
WillardNH: Thanks to you and your coworkers for translating the note. I think I'll laminate it and pass it on with the rifle if I ever sell it in the future. What the heck - a little piece of history from a very bored Turk.

There was also a patch of BDU with some writing on it in the PG. I forgot to U/L it last night. Maybe I'll post that one tomorrow.

September 14, 2001, 17:06
That sounds like a real keepsake. I can almost visualize the soldier writing this. Kind of humanizes what is an inanimate object from a world away. Also really humanizes the foreign troop that penned this.
That's an awesome find.

Take care,

September 14, 2001, 17:50
HEHE, no threats of beatings. DRAT!
Great keepsakes!

September 14, 2001, 17:53
Hey it's nice to know that at least one Turkish soldier took care of his rifle. If only more of them had his attitude, all of our parts kits would be in better condition!

September 14, 2001, 19:37
Originally posted by ksuguy:
<STRONG>Hey it's nice to know that at least one Turkish soldier took care of his rifle. If only more of them had his attitude, all of our parts kits would be in better condition!</STRONG>

In the plastic PG of the same lower that had that other message, there was a 4" x 4" square of woodland camo BDU tucked inside, and on the reverse side of the camo, there was what I think is a name and date penned:


Sorry - I just haven't been able to scan it any better than this, and H-P.com degraded the resolution even more.

I think it says:

1972 1.

Although some of those letters may be characters that I don't recognize.

September 14, 2001, 20:27
I'm sure that anyone that served can relate to that particular soldier that wrote that.
I spent many a lonely night in the hootch, and the barracks cleaning weapons, straightening out gear, dreaming of home.....It's like a V.C. prisoner told me in 1967 "You me we same-same." I know what he meant.
Take care,

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September 14, 2001, 22:02
If anyone else has them, please scan them if you can, and post them here or e-mail them to me private message wise.
My coworker thinks the notes were great, and is open to translating more of them.