View Full Version : Can anyone identify this FAL variant?

November 06, 2000, 14:06
Found this pic on a Finnish language website;anyone know the country of origin and/or model?


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Mr pogo
November 06, 2000, 14:20
Looks like something off the DSA website altho I dont recall it.
Barrel, PG, cheek pad, scope mount and even Bren mags all available from them. Interesting on the M60 bipod, maybe swiped off a Barrett but heatshields pointing wrong way.

This wasnt one of them role playing pc game sites was it? Some of them have realistic illustrations of guns that just exist in cyberspace hehe.

November 06, 2000, 19:59
I believe that particular rifle belongs to birdman, birdman.org if i'm not mistaken.

November 07, 2000, 01:25
You're right,found it on www.birdman.org (http://www.birdman.org) (Birdman Weapons Systems). Thanks.


January 28, 2001, 10:00
Posted by Birdman on June 08, 1999 at 13:36:31:

For sale:
custom DSA FN-FAL sniper / target rifle with Springfield Armory 2nd gen scope. Cheek rest, grip wrap, custom bipod, 24" heavy bull barrel, and a custom design muzzle brake. Comes with one 20 rd. mmag.

$2903 total investment:
Rifle = $1400
SA Gen .308 Scope = $499
DSA mount = $95
Ex-high Tactical scope rings = $125
DSA SS heavy barrel = $550
Custom muzzle-break = $140
Cheek pad and gripper = $10
Custom Bi-pod = $60
Cheek Pad $24

First $2350 takes the rifle!
... or $2200 minus the scope.

January 29, 2001, 16:05
Do you think this is the same weapon? http://www.fnfal.com/forums/Forum8/HTML/000002.html