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February 04, 2001, 19:42
New fal built from Hesse & $99 SA kit, finally all the bugs are worked out and she runs flawlessly, gas setting 4.5.


Heres looking down range....I'm shooting my Sako 338 lapua, you can see the chrono to the left of the stack of FAL mags....the lapua was flinging a 250 gr bullet out there at 3073 fps!! More than a little recoil, esp on a 9 lb rifle without a brake http://www.fnfal.com/forums/smile.gif


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Farmer from Hell
February 04, 2001, 22:09
Now thats a dedicated FALer. Im getting cold just looking at the pics. Bet its a bitch trying to pick up the brass. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif


What part of Shall not be Infringed dont you understand pinhead?

February 08, 2001, 20:01
Temp that day was about 20 deg F with a nice brisk 10 mph wind quartering from the northwest (about 30 degrees left of straight downrange)

The worst part about picking up the brass is the fact that when it ejects, it is still WARM, so when it hits the snow it melts it then refreezes.

All the recovered brass is coated with ICE.... little brass popsicles.....I'll be glad when spring arrives http://www.fnfal.com/forums/smile.gif