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August 27, 2000, 14:58
DSA receiver, fire control parts, gas piston, pistol grip. Green finish on buttstock and Argentine handguards courtesy Krylon camo paint,w/matte polyurethane top coat. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

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August 27, 2000, 15:27
Very nice! How many coats of paint / poly?

August 27, 2000, 18:43
I didn't think I would like the green but WOW! That looks great! -FLC

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August 27, 2000, 18:46
I had been thinking the very same combo for an R1..Looks real nice !!

August 27, 2000, 22:18
Thanks for the compliments, guys....I used I think three coats of green and two coats of poly - the top coat applied from about a foot away to give a slight pebbling effect, which unfortunately can't be seen in the picture. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

August 27, 2000, 23:42
Excellent! I need another kit now....

August 29, 2000, 13:27
How does the paint hold up to solvent?

August 29, 2000, 13:42
My 50.63 had greeen plastic furniture (OD) and a green patina parkerizing. It was gorgeous! Now it's gone.

This does look VERY nice!

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August 29, 2000, 23:38
Kind of an "Armalite" effect! http://www.fnfal.com/forums/smile.gif

I like!

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August 30, 2000, 01:54
Saw your pic and fell in lust, spent all night(its now 3AM) preping and painting my carbine! Looks great! Thanks for the idea.

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August 30, 2000, 05:04
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Naz:
[B] http://www.bbnerds.com/images/DSA4a.jpg
Now we need someone from the southwest to
do one in Desert Tan, possibly with primer red contrasts(camo).

September 02, 2000, 19:10
NAZ are you still responding to ?'s ?

September 02, 2000, 22:40
Steven asks: "How does the paint hold up to solvent?" Sorry it took so long for me to answer. It holds up very well to every solvent I tried: Accubore, Hoppes 9, etc. I have several guns that use a polyurethane finish, mostly wood stocked rifles, and I haven't had any trouble at all. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/cool.gif