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July 28, 2007, 16:58
Now that most coating products are available to civilians I decided to give it a try. After researching I decided on Cerakote from NIC. It is easy to apply and easy to remove if you mess up. Here is an EOTEC and Aimpoint I coated with Dark Desert Tan/OD. Most people who have problems applying Cerakote usually tried to cut corners. Most of the work is in the prep. The directions on the NIC Web Sight say to prep the surface with a dry mesh. No sandblasting required.
I paid $130 a quart. I recommend finding someone to team up with. One quart will probably completely cover three ARíS and several scopes, lights and knifes. But you will be stuck with one color. A couple of people buying one color each will go a long way.
The preperation involves removing any protective coating and opening the pours. The Cerakote needs something to grab onto. I used fine sandpaper. The one part of the instructions I fudged on. Several people with experience said they have been doing it this way with no problem. After cleaning the item to be painted with break cleaner. I sanded it down. I then baked it in the stove for about thirty minutes (250 degrees) this brings any leftover oils to the surface. I then repeated this cleaning and baking process. The NIC instructions said nothing about baking but again it is recommended .
Cerakote doís not require any baking after itís applied either. But doing this wonít hurt any. Several people who have experience with painting recomended this also.
After this I did not handle the sights with my bare hands. I then applied the Cerakote using a small gravity spray gun (available at NIC) A cheap Airbrush will work fine. You can handle the painted items after one hour. The Cerakote will requires three days to completely set.
I deployed overseas before I put the sights thru prolonged use. These pictures were taken after firing 500 rounds on my Range with temperature in the 100+ range. I tried rubbing the Cerakote off on a weapons part I test painted earlier. I then dropped the weapons part on concrete several times. There was no chiping.
Including preparation I finished these two sights in one hour. Not including baking and drying time of course. The blemishes you see on the Aimpoint are lighting and dirt from the Range.