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July 27, 2007, 12:36
any way.. This is gonna sound like a very strainge question..
I have a Valkerie arms M3 type Grease gun... its a hoot to shoot and fills a space in my U.S. type Martial arms collection that I would other wise never be able to afford...
If you have an AK with an under folder stock...when the stock is folded.. you have what appears to be a Long barreled hand gun....
well I would like to make the apearance of my M3 like the barrel was shorter.. with out going the SBR route... the Wire stock is fixed open on the M3...so I dont think the over all length is a problem as far as the 26" rule
but if one were to remove the barrel and say cut it down to 8" and then fix a threaded area next to the receiver and a threaded area at the end of the barrel..
then have a 9"sleeve that could secure in the open OR retracted position
and once installed would not come off the barrel with out saw cutting or some torching or grinding.(As in its Part of the Batrrel now.).The barrel diamiter on the Valkerie is less than a stock M3 barrel.....the sleve could be made that diamiter and then am M3 cone flash hider would fit on it and could be slid farther down the barrel to give it the appearance more to the short barreled M3 look...

Dam I know this sounds dumb
but are barrel atachments that colapse covered or have they ever been thought of?

Call me a dumb ass.. but be polite


July 27, 2007, 13:49
interesting idea. while you could cut the barrel and permanently attach the flash hider to an OAL of 16"


have a mounting point back from the muzzle for the flash hider to attach to
so the flash hider sleeves the barrel

the reg for the stock (except in 2 states) is in the FIRING position, the gun must be 26"

Thats why the stock is opened for the measurement.

I suspect if there was some hinged mechanism on the barrel, where the gun could not fire when folded, and the mechanism was permanently attached, you MIGHT be able to get a sign off from tech branch.

Problem I see is even if the mechanism covers the muzzle when folded making it DANGEROUS AND UNSAFE to fire, that doesn't mean it COULDN"T be fired. And if it can be fired then I think it would be called a short barreled rifle.

You also could make a solid dummy barrel for display if most of the time its for display.

July 27, 2007, 19:22
except in 2 states
Which two?

July 27, 2007, 21:21
i don't remember, but its why there are 18" uzi barrels.

July 27, 2007, 22:32
Michigan is one of them... On an Uzi, as Mark mentions, we either need an 18" barrel or a fixed wooden stock. Measurements are made here with the stock folded or collapsed - over 26" but under 30" is a "pistol" (which makes for some interesting carry-gun possibilities!) and 26" and under is simply verboten.