View Full Version : Bren 30 rd Magazines in L1A1?

July 20, 2007, 20:10

I've read that 30rd .308 Bren Magazines can be used in the L1A1 without mods. Is this true? Do the Bren mags work well? Are there any good sources for them? Would they take Inch Mag US foot plates?



FAL freek
July 20, 2007, 20:32
Yup the mags can be used in the L4A1 and the L1A1. Check DSA they have both new and used. Go to the vendors section.

July 23, 2007, 01:50
I ordered some 30 round inch mags from DSA. Be prepared as some of them are crap. Shoddy workmanship, altered lugs etc. I would (if you are hell bent on 30 rd mags) pay more for some British mags and by-pass the issues I have had with the Indian ones.


July 23, 2007, 11:30
All of these are from the old Blue Board. I particularly like xcpd69's (before he was an "X") thoughts.

Posted by tac
January 27, 2000

I've used 30 round mags on the L2A1, L1A1 and my own FAL 50:00 and have never had a problem with them. We stopped using them on the L2A1 after a few RODEM's were put in about excess wear and increased stoppages, but never experienced that myself. We also used to use the 30 round mags off the L4A1 (7.62 Bren). When I purchased a FAL 50:00 I had a few 30 round mags (L2A1 and L4A1) which I converted to use in the FAL. This involved filing down the large welded on tab at the front of the mag and taking a little metal off the welded lug at the rear of the mag. No problems were experienced at all.Posted by Michael Halbrook
January 27, 2000

The 30rd magazine as used on the BREN gun, C2 and Aussie L2 will fit an inch pattern FAL. The word I heard from the UK soldiers was that the 30rd did not work very well on the FAL because of the significantly greater pressure on the bottom of the bolt from a full 30rd magazine. The design was the same so the L1A1 20rd mags would on the BREN, not the other way around. Blake Stevens reports in his FAL books that gas settings had be increased for these to work with the C2A1 and Australian L2A1. They also hold the gun way up off the ground. (The BREN gun mag is on the top)Posted by cpd69
January 27, 2000

Seems to be some significant interest in 30rd FAL mags, so I sat down and thought about it. Lemme see...
* You get 10 more rounds... This is good.
* It looks cool... This is good.
* Magazine is longer and adds bulk to loaded weapon... This is bad.
* Longer magazine means weapon must be higher off ground from prone position, placing head higher off ground, making better target... This is bad. (Why do you think the Bren has an inverted mag? Better mag sticking up in line of fire than head, and easier to replace if it catches a bullet)
* Magazine is heavier, especially when loaded, and adds weight to loaded weapon... This is bad.
* Extra weight adds stress to magazine catch...This is bad.
* Replacement cost: 1 30rd magazine, $50-$80; 10 NEW 20rd mags, $80... No comment.

FAL freek
July 24, 2007, 21:45
I will say this of the magazines I have bought off of DSA. I have only one that had minor pitting that was an inch convert to metric. The rest have been of good quality and I have bought a few.

July 25, 2007, 05:30
I agree with your assessment fully about when shooting groups form a sandbagged bench. When one starts to use his/her FAL for IPSC or other dynamic disciplines of shooting the 10 extra rounds go along way. I am a big guy so the extra weight is negligable to me and not having to change mags so often (read: drop my precious mags to the floor).