View Full Version : FSE Fire Control Group, Oh What A Difference

Toten Kopf
July 18, 2007, 15:55
I just received a metric FSE fire control group (H-S-T) and couldn't wait to install it. The original FCG had a trigger pull of 9.5 pounds.

It took me longer to make a tool to remove the pistol grip nut than it did to install the FSE hammer, sear, and trigger.

The FSE kit came with sear and trigger plunger springs as well as the hammer, sear and trigger. The original hammer return spring was used and Brownell's Action Lube was used for lubrication.

After installation, I took readings using the Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge with the following results.

1st Stage - 2 Lbs, 0.5 Oz.
2nd Stage - 1 Lb, 15.5 Oz

For a total of a 4 lb trigger pull, that's less than half of what it used to be!!!! There is no creep, each stage of pull is crisp and final let off is smooth.

For anyone who wants a superior metric FCG in their FAL, look no futher than the FSE version, it's moosemeat!!!!

Scott S
July 20, 2007, 10:32
I'll second TK's recommendation. I recently installed a new FSE HTS and was favorably impressed how much better the trigger pull was compared to the pull on my stock DSA HTS.