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July 13, 2007, 19:09
Hi, I would like to build a FAL before the kits run out. Where is a good place to buy a kit minus receiver?? I found an Imbel metric at midway, is Imbel any good?? Who makes a receiver that will work with it?? I'm not looking for a top dollar kit, just one that will be a good shooter. I have a yugo ak and a AR that I built, so I'm not completely green, just don't know a lot about the FAL, but have always wanted one.


July 13, 2007, 19:25
I believe the parts kit at Midwayusa was an old link (off of a google search), when I went back into midway's website, it isn't listed. Where can I find a decent kit??


July 13, 2007, 19:56
Keep an eye out in the market place here at the files. You got to be quick and check often but you will find one.


FAL freek
July 14, 2007, 21:03
Imbel kits are OK. Best bet as said earlier is check the marketplace here. Might get lucky and find one for less than you'll pay for current market price. DSA or Imbel are probably your best bets for a first time build. I've done 3 on DSA receivers and had not one problem out of any. Entreprise, Hesse ( Vulcan) I'd be more cautious of.