View Full Version : Wood receiver wrench(Holder)?

July 11, 2007, 21:56
Do you guys think a wooden receiver wrench put in a vice would be good enough to install the barrel on? Or would this turn out like the aluminum receivers, Blow up in my face!


July 11, 2007, 22:09
they work fine. don't bother with that part in the vice. did finally get a steel one though to get some more leverage. could probably have just bolted on a bar though.

July 12, 2007, 10:16
I made mine out of two pieces of close grain oak I cut from a shipping pallet. I drilled the pieces to clamp together with two 1/4" bolts. I cut the contours for the receiver with a sears 'dremel' with a router attachment. In use I do not rely on the 1/4" bolts, they just hold the whole mess together so I can clamp it in a bench vice... I used a crescent wrench on the barrel flats too. I have used the same rig to barrel two receivers and it is still in good shape, no cracks.