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July 10, 2007, 22:21
I see some kits that are claiming to be from Dans,And in grade 3 condition.Can someone tell me what what was Dans grade 3,And how does it compare with the sticky about bbl condition?

July 11, 2007, 00:31
dans grade three kits had almost no finish left, but barrels who hadnt been shot much, carried alot , shot little.

July 11, 2007, 01:10
The ONLY rifles I didn't feel a need for refinishing were some truly excellent, virtually brand-new StG kits on IMBEL receivers. The DSA receivers had a slightly lighter park color and stood out more, plus the G1 and IMBEL kits needed some finishing work. Let's not even talk about the R1s...

I have NO problem with a kit that looks beat to hell but is in top-notch mechanical condition. Chances are good you will want to re-park everything anyway so it has a uniform appearance.


July 11, 2007, 07:35
Im not concerned with the finish,However,The condition of the bore is a concern to me.As you already guessed,I plan on refinishing it.So if I got this correct,Dans Grade 3=heavy finish wear and "excellant" bore.Grade 2 =finish wear and "excellant" bore.Grade 1= some finish wear and "excellant" bore?

July 13, 2007, 03:22
sounds odd, but the last batch of imbel rifles to come in had great barrels on them and looked like hell finish wise, i bought a bunch from dans, and all had great bores. even the one i got from interordinance had a great bore and a bunch of finish on it. the grades were finish condition, not barrel.

all my barrels checked under 2, most under 1.5. some had a little more muzzle wear from cleaning rods i guess. i cut one of the 2 down to 18 inches to see how it looked. great bore now,