View Full Version : Norinco type 56s-1 info needed

July 10, 2007, 16:11
Anybody know about these? I read somewhere that these were in the process of clearing customs when the 1989 ban hit. The importer (Siles NY) had to remove the under folders before importing. Is this true or are they pre bans? Any info or links appreciated.

July 11, 2007, 03:14
From what I know about Chinese AK's (I've got 2 post-ban MAK's and a Pre-ban Clayco) the 56S-1 is nomenclature only. 56S indicates the rifle is a Type 56 semiautomatic rifle. The 1 indicates it's an underfolder. If the rifle in question was a post ban version, that info, along with the arsenal mark would have been either ground off or overstamped with MAK-90 Sporter (or something similar).

All of the Siles import AK's I've seen (on other forums and for sale on auction sites) are pre-89 ban rifles. They may have had some caught up in customs when the import ban went into effect, but I'm not sure. These would have had the folders removed, a piece affixed to the receiver to cover the holes for the folder, a rear tang installed, some or all of the offending features ground off (such as bayo lug and cleaning rod lug), and a thumbhole stock attached. Some did make it in with the lugs intact, but I'm not sure how many.

Hope this answers your question!

July 11, 2007, 10:14
Thanks for the info.