View Full Version : DSA $5 Mags, Inch and Metric

Timber Wolf
November 27, 2001, 18:37
Just got a dozen of the Inch and four Metric. Three of the Metric looked new, had to look at the follower to tell different (slight scuffing on the follower from rounds or bolt sliding across it). The fourth is a good honest 50% finish used mag. I rule these a best buy. Piss on Tapco's $9.99 new mags. The Inch are a different story, uuuuugly, but fortunately only skin deep. O% finish on any of the 12 and surface rust on a few. Perfectly servicable however, no dents or other visable damage. Will clean up and be extra fine using Inch mags as is. If refinished they would be great. Considering these are the cheapest Inch mags I have seen and are servicable as is I am satisfied. Wish they were as nice as the Metric though. :D

February 07, 2002, 12:21
just got 20 DSA inch mags in. these sure ain't the same as there metrics. look like hell and are nasty dirty but all seem servicable so for $5 a pop. I would get more.

February 07, 2002, 12:40
I have 20 of the $5 metric mags from DSA. The appearance ranges from decent to near new. About 6 of the 20 will not activate the bolt hold open on either of my rifles. I have 2 built on SA kits, one with an Entreprise receiver and one with a Hesse. I don't see any obvious difference in the followers, but some just don't seem to reach the BHO.