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July 06, 2007, 15:22
Does anyone know the demensions for grinding the bolt cutters to fit correctly?

I'm using an NDS-3 receiver w/Romy G parts kit.

Thanks all

July 06, 2007, 15:28
I just ground until they could reach all the rivets I needed to squish.

I also added a hardened 'nub' so I didn't have to remove so much material.

Make sure you cool the jaws often during the grinding process so you don't change the temper.


July 06, 2007, 16:49
They are easy to make
I think mine took about 20 minutes and that included drinking a beer while making it.

Good idea with putting that nub on there Chris,
I did the more grinding method cause I didn't have a welder.
Still works good and we've built many many kits with it.

You can even buy one already made for $35 - $40 too

July 06, 2007, 17:28
The nub is a very nice touch...makes my rig look hillbilly. At least mine works I guess.

July 07, 2007, 10:54
TOC, did you have to use a bucking bar with the nub cutters?

July 07, 2007, 20:54
Originally posted by Dirt1042
TOC, did you have to use a bucking bar with the nub cutters?

The jaw opposite the nub has a dimple for the rivet head.