View Full Version : Couple of .300wm questions

July 04, 2007, 19:03
1st question, for a 180gr hunting bullet (hornady SST) what is your prefered powder?

2nd..my remington 700 allows me to seat bullets all the way out to 3.54, this seem awfully long throated, or is this normal?

July 05, 2007, 10:12
currently shooting wcc860 pulldown from gibrass.com $40 for 8 lbs
previous loads were
74 gr reloader 19
72 gr reloader 22
73 gr imr4350
74 gr imr 4831

cci mag primer , hornady 180 , seated as long as they would fit in the mag of a rem 700 sendero

remington factory rifles have a rep for being deep throated

as always reduce your charges and work up never exceed mfg reccomended powder charges

July 05, 2007, 10:21
For 180 grainners:

IMR-4831.....75.0 gr

Please use with caution, worked in mine and are not max, but your rifle will be different.

First load was the favorite in a 1917 Enfield with Douglass barrel.

With 3.340' being normal, your 3.540 is pretty long. I loaded OAL to work in the magazine. For accuracy, you can load seat em out, but in a hunting rifle I just want em to cycle through the action.

I believe some manufacturers free-bore a bit as a safety precaution, don't know for sure.

Great rifle for "waking up the guy next to ya on the firing line". Kicked like a "drunken Mule" though and ended up tradin it for something.