View Full Version : need pic of Indian L1A1 gas plug

NC Rifleman
July 04, 2007, 13:35
Does anyone have a good close up pic of an Indian gas plug they could post or email me? I need to see the diff between it and other inch ones so I can make sure I get the right one. Thanks

July 04, 2007, 18:37
There are a number of said photos in the Images section.

Mosin Guy
July 04, 2007, 21:19

NC Rifleman
July 05, 2007, 18:24
Thanks for the replies. Maybe I missed something in the search. I tried Indian and gas plug and all I get are rifle pics, cool but not what I was looking for. I need a pic of the gas plug by itself so I can see what the difference is between an Indian one and a Brit one, which I was told wouldn't work in my Indian gas block.

July 05, 2007, 23:26
I think the reason it wont work is the diameter

July 05, 2007, 23:31
The diameter of the gas regulator is the main difference. If you have an Indian gasblock you have to use an Indian regulator as well.