View Full Version : Century 2 Mag & Pouch

September 15, 2001, 14:50
I ordered the 2 Metric FAL and mag pouch set from Century, which showed up the other day. The pouch was the same one I saw discussed from Tapco, green plastic-like material with a nice snug fit that looked damn near new. The mags were in decent shape. No dents, no rust, typical use marks where the receiver hits. With a refinish they should look like new. Not bad for $14.57, if you wanted the pouch.

Of course, this being a Century order, they were Inch mags, not the Metric I ordered. Back they go!!!! I'm going to order again, so I'll update this post when they show up.


October 17, 2001, 05:35
Got the replacement metric mags from Century today. I would call them damn near new. Gray parked finish, 3 witness holes, no markings. There is finish wear that looks like they were rubbing against other mags in a box somewhere, but no indications that they had ever been in a rifle. I'm happy with these, but not real thrilled with having to send back the wrong ones to get them. I guess Century is still the same crapshoot it always was.