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July 04, 2007, 08:03
I'm doing a build with a G1 Kit on a DCI receiver that I've had for a couple of years, but there is flaw in the finish. For pics, please follow the link bellow. (sorry, donít know how to post pics here) Can I use this receiver and be safe? If the flaw is cosmetic, no big deal, but Iím worried that it may be a flaw in the casting itself. Also, does any one know how to contact Dan Coonen? If the receiver is not safe to use, I would hope he would stand behind his product.


July 04, 2007, 08:17
Hard to tell with the 3 pictures...Looks to me like imperfection in the finish, maybe rust. Only way to contact DCI may be through Harlan at NDS.


July 04, 2007, 08:22
Looks like rust to me. It isn't in an area that I would worry about a structural strength problem. At the very least get some oil on it. If you want to do it right, re-park the receiver.

July 04, 2007, 08:33
I canít really get better pictures with the camera I have, so Iíll describe the area the best I can. The area has no finish at all, and looks like light pitting. It does have a little surface rust, but this is very new, and could be removed easily. It did come this way (I oiled it up and it went into storage), but I always thought it was a cosmetic issue. However, I have two friends that have experience with building and metal working that are concerned.

I hope that helps,


July 04, 2007, 08:47
If you are so concerned about it, why did you barrel and headspace it?



Why didn't you do something about it when you first got and inspected the receiver?

Are you sure something didn't "happen" during assembly?


July 04, 2007, 10:25

First, thank you for posting the pics.

Iíve been sitting on the receiver for a number of years, and thought this was simply a cosmetic issue. Since these areas wonít be visible once the gun is built, it wasnít an issue for me. What got me worried is that when I finally got around to building the gun; my friends who were helping with the build were worried. (mostly because itís right above the locking shoulder) I went ahead and barreled and headspaced it, because I was at a friends house that has a full metal shop, head spacing tools, receiver wrench, etc. The rest I can do myself; if I decide to go ahead.

I got the receiver from FAC, and figure that Iím out of luck if it turns out that this is a structural, and not a cosmetic issue. My first concern is for safety, mine and everybody elseís. A less scrupulous person would put the gun together, hide the flaw, and sell the gun at a gunshow. I will not do that. If I have to, Iíll take the receiver off, and take the loss. The kit is a G1 that was refinished by DSA, and is a great kit, so Iíll definitely use it. I just want to make sure the receiver is safe to use.

I tried to take some better pics, but I can't get good closeups with my camera, however, I cleaned up the little bit of surface rust, and gave it a good wipe down with oil.

P.S. yes, Iím certain that ďsomethingĒ didnít happen during assembly.

July 04, 2007, 15:28
I liked the idiot on the other board asking if this was an "aluminum" receiver. :tongue:

Interesting that the discoloration appears in the same area on BOTH sides of the receiver. That makes me wonder. Since this obviously needs to be refinished anyway, why not sand down that area until you get all shiny metal... that will tell you how far down the "rust" and "pitting" goes. If surface only, I wouldn't give it a second thought.


July 04, 2007, 16:24
I'm not saying this is the case with yours, but weren't some FAC/DCI receivers sold at a discount back in the day due to cosmetic flaws. Does anyone else remember this? Can't tell from your pictures if it is an FAC one.

July 04, 2007, 17:01
The discount DCI receivers were sold with the serial number BOHICA xxxx.


English Mike
July 04, 2007, 17:04
+1 on what Radio says:

Polish the area of concern with fine abrasive sheet & it'll become more obvious as to whether this is more than a surface imperfection.

July 05, 2007, 18:57
Doesn't look any worse then the Bohica cosemetic flaws - hard to say if it is a casting issue or post finishing damage from the pics but seems cosmetic to me - put some cold blue on it and call it good.

July 05, 2007, 23:27
The "bohica" recievers had minor imperfections in the parking for the most part. I bought 2 of them back in the day and they went together fine and are still going strong 3 years later. If you insist on not using it I'll give ya what you paid for it... What was it, $199 back then ?? :biggrin:

July 06, 2007, 19:57
More like $149.00

July 06, 2007, 22:27
You're lucky is just a flaw in the finish. I had a DCI that had major problems. Even after I sent it back, and he had it for 6 months. If would not lock up, top covers would not fit without being hammered on. My local gunsmith agreed when I said all the machine work had not been done.

I built on several Dan Coonan receivers before that, but never since.

July 19, 2007, 16:12
Just an update, I sent an email to NDS, and Harlan responded that he forwarded my question to Dan Coonan. That was a couple weeks ago, and no responce from Dan. Oh well. Moving on.

July 19, 2007, 18:05
Originally posted by BigBopper
That was a couple weeks ago, and no responce from Dan. Oh well. Moving on.

Good luck with that. See this thread.