View Full Version : FTE & FTF Romanian .22 AKT-98

July 02, 2007, 19:54
I posted this on AK Files, with no real results...OK, you guys are the experts, what do you say?

Hi guys,

Hope somebody can help. I'm trying to "fix" an AKT-98 extraction problem. The extractor had a lot of wiggle, and obviously wasn't grabbing the case hard enough to pull it all the way back to the ejector.

I found that there is a screw underneath the bolt/carrier. Now, I got it well used, and don't have a manual. But I found that:
1. The screw appears to be captive, but doesn't screw or unscrew; I can run it all day in either direction and it won't back out.
2. Rather, at a particular position it will tighten the extractor to the point it is strong enough to extract;
3. However, there's no way to keep it where it keeps the extractor tight, so over a few shots rotates and back to square one.

I could locktite it, but not being familar with what is really supposed to happen, don't want to "dumbass" it.

Now, on the FTFeed:

Often, the first 3-4 rounds feed fine. Then, it jams the round nose-up. It appears that the spring is weak, in that the later rounds lie flat in the mag rather than nose-up. In that case, the rounds tend to jam temporarily on the inside front of the mag (OK, so put in a better ramp) then the power of the bolt/carrier takes over, and it is suddenly forced and pops too high.

What are your experiences?

Thanks for the insight & feedback!