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July 02, 2007, 12:12
Building an L1A1. Only washer I have is .059. Barrel clocks to 12:00 hand tight using this washer. Using math found in the gunsmithing area, I need a .064, .065 or .066 washer. Any of the three will keep me inside the 10:30 - 11:30 position. Anybody have one of these? I am in the Savannah, GA area. Or does anybody have a good way of manufacturing one of these?
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July 02, 2007, 12:44
Gunthings.com has them for $10.00 each.

July 02, 2007, 21:21
I have already checked Gunthings, Gunplumber, Numrich, Brownell's, etc., etc., et al. They either do not have the size or do not carry. Is there any clever way to shave down an oversized washer without ending up with varying thickness'? I have a few quiry's out to industrial shim providers, but no responses yet.

July 04, 2007, 17:48
I have always taken a too- thick washer and sanded it down. Use a piece of fine sandpaper or emery cloth placed on a flat tabletop or sheet of glass. Use a figure-eight motion and test-fit frequently until you can hand time the barrel right where you want it.

July 08, 2007, 20:41
Thanks for all the input. Mountainman is machining the three sizes I need. I should be receiving them shortly. He's gotton them to +/- .0005 so I'm thinking he is definately the "go to" guy for anyone needing a specific size washer for that waiting inch kit build. I will post again after I install my barrel. Thanks Mountainman, the build can now continue.

July 09, 2007, 16:00
Plus I decided to use that piece of metal that was in front of me. low and behold it was 303 SS. The stuff that makes HSS look like plastic. Man it wasn't fun. Thought I could save a trip to the surplus yard. Here on out I'm starting with tool steel tubing wherever can get it.

July 11, 2007, 12:35
I wanted everyone to know that mountainman produces a first rate product. The washer's came today and 20 minutes after opening the envelop the barrel was on the receiver. The fit and finish were excellent. If you have a need for a breaching washer - contact mountainman. Thanks again. (also posted in reviews)