View Full Version : cutting down a saiga 12 gage barrel

July 01, 2007, 23:49
Hi all Im thinking off getting a saiga and shorting the barrel on it. I see the 19'' are sold out. I was thinking if I can get my hands on a 24'' and do the work my self. So any tricks to know on shorting a shot gun barrel ??? any help would be great. Has any one done the trigger and stock coversion on one.

Thanks Dave

July 02, 2007, 00:20
I am curious about this too. The Saiga was on my short list of shotguns to redo on a Form 1. Gas system questions are holding me back.

July 02, 2007, 00:27
the trickiest part about doing this is pressing on/off the gas block/gas tube and redrilling the gas ports. seek advice on the saiga 12 forum for this number. if my memory serves me correctly, there are two pins on the gas block that need to be punched out before you can press it off. if youve never worked with aks before, but feel mmechanically inclined expect about 4 to 5 hours of work. its not worth it. just wiat til the 19s are available again.

i have done my own conversion on my saiga, with the exception of rewelding, and its pretty easy to do if you have a basic understanding of the ak platform. theres plenty more advice over at forum.saiga-12.com and i must cut this post short cuz im doing it from my phone.

good luck!

July 03, 2007, 17:01
I bought a tool to reface the 12ga bbl and just used a bandsaw to hack to the length I wanted, then used the tool. No need to remove anything from the firearm. Took about 10 minutes. No need to mod the gas system for this length (at least on mine).

I guess I can prolly figure out where I bought it, or I can let you borrow it if you like.

July 03, 2007, 20:31
Thanks for the info. Now I just need the gun they seem to hard to find right now I found one but I need to find money for it. My bank (wife) is some times hard to` borow from. Things like bills come up :sad: I need to sell some stuff.
Now I now I can chop it down.
Thanks Dave :) :)

July 05, 2007, 00:51
I have been putting Rem Choke threads [.814"x32tpi] in shotgun barrels.

If the outside is .845" or more, I can do it.

It cost ~ $300 to get the tooling.

I can only do 75% of my shotguns, as the rest are too thin for and instead need to be swaged or given a True Choke [44tpi].