View Full Version : FAL Barrel markings? What have I got?

July 01, 2007, 11:05
The barrel is from an STG-58 kit. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the markings mean on it.

Markings are a small "bird" that is stamped in a square as well as a logo that looks to be an "NPV" all ran togeather. It also has a "61" and the Kal. 7.62 mm.

SN Number is 59018


Mosin Guy
July 01, 2007, 18:31

July 01, 2007, 21:26
Hi ted,

The eagle proof you mention is Austrian in origin and most likely applied at the Steyr factory. The "Hapsburg" eagle in a box in conjuction with the the "NPV" is the firing proof and applied once its passed the chamber pressure test. NPV stands for "Nitro Pulver- Vienna" as the Vienna proofhouse applied it.

Not sure what the "61" stands for, perhaps the year of mfr. or the inspectors code. The "KAL 7.62mm" is the caliber of the weapon.Sounds like a standard StG-58 barrel.That's about all I know.

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