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June 29, 2007, 19:05
Using a DSA G1 receiver and Imbel barrel. Had to chase the threads on the barrel with a 1X16 die to clean up the threads enough to screw into the receiver. Threads cleaned up nice and tight but barrel now overtimed to 1:00 position. Any suggestions? I'm kind of stuck. Thanks.

Mosin Guy
June 29, 2007, 19:09
Sounds like you might need some Breeching washers to get it to time correctly just like they use on the inch style l1a1 versions..........

June 29, 2007, 20:17
The concept is sound, and the correct cure for your problem, but an Inch breeching washer is going to be much too thick to serve your purposes. Use a set of feeler gauges to determine approximately which thickness will bring you into proper hand-time territory, then make your own breeching "washer" out of appropriately-thick shim stock.

The cleaning up of your barrel threads and the overtiming are two separate issues; one is not responsible for the other. Perhaps some previous barrel owner relieved the shoulder for a former build.


June 29, 2007, 20:24
Gun Things has special very thin breeching washers that will make up a few thousands of space. Or you can do what I did and buy shim stock 1" id washers and trim the outside diameter to the proper diameter. I wish I had found out about the pre made ones. Or you can do what DSA recommends and lathe turn the barrel to allow the use of a L1A1 breeching washer.

June 29, 2007, 20:26

One of these folks should have what you need.
Think it would be a .010 or .011 washer, but I could be nutz! :p

June 29, 2007, 23:32
Gunthings is a FAL Files vendor. The other "guy" has abandoned the board although his forum is still up for a little while longer. I know where I would spend MY money.


June 30, 2007, 01:46
Hell cut them out of beer cans.

combat engineer
June 30, 2007, 04:32
:D :D :D :D