View Full Version : M1 carbine or 03-A3 rear sight on FAL?

Bwana John
June 29, 2007, 13:17
I have always liked the USGI sight picture, rear peep sight protected with parallel wings, and tall front sight protected by outwardly flairing wings. I prefer shooting open sights with this configuration even over shooting thru glass.
I also like the rear sights being easily adjustable for elevation and windage.

I didnt even want a FAL before I discovered the Para rear sight.:uhoh:

Both the M1 Carbine (late issue) and the M1903-A3 Springfield have wing protected peep sights adjustable for elevation and windage.

Has anyone tried or thought of trying to mate either of these rear sights to a FAL?

Brownells has a flat rear sight base, and by milling off the dovetail on the bottom of the Carbine or 03-A3 sight base the correct height and angle the two parts would just screw together (blindy from the bottom).
Shims between the rear sight base and top could be used to correctly regulate the rear sight regardless of front sight type and height.

Anybody got either of these rear sights for sale? (lots of guys are "restoring" the latest batch of CMP carbines to WWII specs, and replacing the late adjustable winged rear sight for the early fixed flip type).

Mosin Guy
June 29, 2007, 18:05
sounds like a Interesting idea ,Keep us posted as to how it works out,,,,,,,,

June 30, 2007, 09:30
What an interesting idea. I think that the M1 Carbine sight would not work well due to the sight being calibrated to the trajectory of the 110 grain carbine bullet. The hight of the rear sight plain would need to be equal to that of the original FAL rear sight in order to work.The Springfield '03 sight would be "closer" to the 7.62x51 mm trajectory bullet path. I hpoe it works out for you, sounds like a neat thing to try.