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June 07, 2007, 08:33
I have a Century L1A1 with the black plastic stock, PG and hand guards. How do you remove the butt stock?

June 07, 2007, 16:02
You may have an Inch lower, so an Inch RKI can jump in with a course correction if necessary, but here's the drill.

1. Make sure the rifle is UNLOADED, no mag, empty chamber, and that the bolt/carrier is all the way forward.

2. Release the locking latch and break open the rifle.

3. Unscrew the joint pin and remove.

4. Decouple the two halves.

5. If you have a sling, remove it from the buttstock.

1. Remove the big screw at the back of the buttstock to remove the buttpad. You will see the "recoil tube plug" with a flat-blade screwdriver slot across it and a hole in the center.

2. Use a STOCK TOOL for safest and easiest results. If you do NOT have a stock tool, insert a cleaning rod down the center hole.

3. Work a flat-blade screwdriver in one of the slots. This is a little unwieldy with the cleaning rod shaft in the way but it is IMPORTANT that you have the cleaning rod in place.

4. Unscrew the recoil tube plug, an average of about 14 turns. NOTE: when this plug gets free, it's going to have a LOT of spring pressure behind it. Press DOWN with your screwdriver (or, as the case may be, with your stock tool) on the plug so you will have some control over this pressure.

5. When the plug releases, decompress the plug and recoil spring assembly up the cleaning rod shaft. When the springs have fully decompressed, you can remove the whole kit and kaboodle with the cleaning rod and slide the (messy, greasy) springs off the shaft.

6. Metric has a little screw from a tang off the lower at the botom of the stock; don't know if Inch has this. Remove the screw if so.

7. Now you can tug and swear and sweat and pull the buttstock off the recoil spring tube. It's a tight fit most of the time. Somewhat of a pain in the rear.

The recoil spring has a LOT of pressure behind it. This can be very easily controlled with the proper buttstock tool, OR, with the use of a cleaning rod to capture the recoil tube plug and the springs. If you do NOT use either of these, a) the recoil tube plug will launch into outer space, b) the escaping recoil springs might do THIS.


Ask Jeter how he knows.

1. Press the buttstock back onto the recoil spring tube. Slap it until it seats firmly against the lower.

2. Slide the recoil tube plug onto your stock tool or cleaning rod, then the recoil springs.

3. Slide the above assembly down the recoil spring tube. This is practically IMPOSSIBLE if you don't have a stock tool or cleaning rod.

4. Using the stock tool, or your flat-blade screwdriver, start engaging the recoil tube threads with the plug. Once you have a thread or two caught, you can release the heavy downward pressure on everything, remove the cleaning rod (if that's what you were using), and simply screw it in. This will, again, be an average of 14 turns.

5. At this point you may put in the lower tang screw, if an Inch has one. Do NOT do this before the recoil tube plug has been tightened down.

6. Screw the buttpad back in place. You are finished.

Have fun,

June 07, 2007, 18:26
I really appreciate your detailed instructions. After reading this, I'm going to get, or make, a proper tool for this job. That picture was the clincher. I've delt with Jesus springs before and don't wish to repete the experience.
My rifle is an inch pattern, upper and lower.

June 07, 2007, 18:44
Get the tool. Turns a PITA into a 5 minute piece of cake.

June 07, 2007, 20:59
Originally posted by Texxut
That picture was the clincher.
If that greasy spring hits the curtains, the couch, or just about anything else in the house, you will probably wish that you had gotten your face in the way.

June 07, 2007, 22:42
So, I see you met my wife. :D

June 09, 2007, 00:15
I built the stock tool and removed my stock. That tool made it easy. I built it useing instructions from Shade Tree Shop Note No. 11.

Thanks again Radio.

I'm starting another thread, as I have some questions about the sights.

June 09, 2007, 00:20
Yessir, grab hold of your butt, then twist your nut until BOINNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!! (http://members.cox.net/gary.jeter/boing.wav) :biggrin:

June 09, 2007, 01:58
Only YOU would be able to characterize it like that.

--Radio :wink: