View Full Version : Tapco Heavy Duty Sope mount. Honest opinion.

November 21, 2001, 21:40
I'll have to admit that it is heavy duty.

These are the things that they don't tell you... The mount is made by Leapers. That is no problem with me. Leapers makes alot of good stuff. I just figured that they should tell us who it is made. I didn't know who made it and figured it was made by Tapco when I ordered it.

It weighs a ton. OK, not a ton, probably 1/2#. I guess it's made of steel. The ads don't say aluminum and they do say heavy(duty). That isn't bad until you slide it in top of an FAL that is already heavy because of a type III receiver and bi-pod (and in my case with a heavyer that usual scope by about 1/2# = total of 1# extra).

The quality is good! I didn't want the weight. They should advertize more details.

If you don't mind extra weight, It is excelent! And Tapco takes care of their ciustomers!

November 21, 2001, 22:58
I don't think TAPCO actually "makes" anything- they just sell stuff, some of which they have made or modified for them, like the G-1 fake flash suppressors they had sleeved from regular, evil, wicked, immoral, godless, devil-inspired real flash suppressors.

"Father, forgive me, for I have suppressed flash."

They made me smile today! The BBT brought my new, in-the-wrap FN magazines and one of those now-righteous fake flash suppressors.

Fuatos, blessed be your coworkers.

Maybe they "make" shooters, especially FALers, grin.

November 24, 2001, 22:45
I believe that advertise it as "Aircraft grade" aluminum.

November 24, 2001, 23:15
Yeah, Buff. Bless fuatos--UPS must. Did you see where he is now shopping for a Galil. I'm a lowly college instructor--I'm applying to UPS for a job so I can afford all the nice goodies fuatos has. (forgive me, Bryan)

November 25, 2001, 03:20

I bet we couldn't get to the Utah Lake shooting spot tomorrow in a Hummer! Where we gonna shoot now?

November 25, 2001, 07:19
Try a magnet to see if it's steel. I think Nihilist is correct on the aluminium. It is massive, but less-so than the DSA, which is a real piece of work!

Vanden Berg
November 26, 2001, 05:25
The mount I received from Tapco is aluminum. It worked okay for a while. After being installed on a couple of rifles, the screws began to strip out. I am sure that they are metric, miked roughly 0.139". I drilled out the mount 0.187", tapped the inside brackets 10-32, and installed four 10-32 button head torx screws (the same screws I use to secure my free-floating forearms). The result is a mount that is much stronger than before and the torx screws look a lot better than those cheesey little slot-head screws that came with the mount. Leapers came close, but they failed to put in substantial mounting hardware.

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