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May 01, 2007, 21:01
I have an old pre-ban Norinco Type 56-S underfolder that is an absolute cherry. I've owned several Kalashnikovs in my day but none as fine as this one. The fit and finish is absolutely first class. However, at times, when the bolt and carrier slammed home, the head of the gas piston would wedge into the gas tube so tight, that if I wanted to work the action by hand, I would have to kick it open. It had no trouble moving upon firing, only if I wanted to work it by hand.
To remedy this, I removed my carrier and went around the outside of the first ring on the head of the gas piston with a grinder ever so lightly. I put the rifle back together and have put around 5 mags through it since I done the work without any problems whatsoever. She seems to run like a Swiss Watch now, I just kind of wanted your guy's opinions on my modification. Just wanted to be sure that this wouldn't cause me problems down the road.
Thanks in advance for any input on this.

May 01, 2007, 21:33
Did you consider a recoil buffer?

May 06, 2007, 00:24
A recoil buffer would have absolutally no effect on a binding gas piston whatsoever.........

Your fix will in the long run result in excessive carbon buildup, the correct fix since you most likally have a bent gas piston is to get a replcement such s a stainless tapco version for $25, if ya look very closely at the base of the gas piston itself were it threads into the bolt carrier ya will see a small pin, it is actually a rivet set in a countersunk hole at both ends, that rivet will need to be removed use a dremel with a diamond burr ball bit to remove the countersunk head on either end then simply tap it out the gas piston will now unthread, thread in the new gas piston then drill a #50 hole install a new rivet and tap flat on both sides touch up with a file, the gas piston isn't hard and a standard titanium bit will cut right through it..

Another thing to check first however is that your gas block is not canted I doubt it though as it would have had problems before now... Ya might also be very sure ya don't have carbon caked up inside of your gas block as well..

May 06, 2007, 10:45
Thank you much for your input.