View Full Version : R-P 7.62x39 brass

April 26, 2007, 07:00
I picked up a mixed lot of fired brass. I thought something looked funny about the case heads on the R-P brass as I ran it through the pre-loading stages. That hunch is now confirmed.

They use small primers, and I don't have any. :redface:GRRRRRRR:redface:. So, it's off to Gander Mountain for some small rifle primers.

I plan to load some incendiary rounds (SHTF stash), so I'll probably use these cases for that. If I do ever need to fire them, I don't think I'll care too much about leaving the brass on the ground.

CCI #41 would be my 1st choice, but Gander Mtn. won't have those. What's the next best thing?

April 26, 2007, 10:14
Remington 7.5 if you can find them, then BR2, then CCI. Avoid Winchester small rifle primers at all cost in a semi auto rifle. I know a lot of people will chime in with "I shot 10 million rounds with them and never had a problem", but if you hang out in the highpower forums, it is well known that they cause slam fires. You only need one to do major damage to the rifle or yourself.