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April 16, 2007, 10:43
Beginning my First experiments loading the X54R...
Loads will be used Primarily in the FINN MOD39's (Might try in the PSL/ROMAK?)

I understand that .308 Bullets often work well in the FINN rifles so I will use Hornady 168 BTHP (Nat Match) first. I have several types of .308 bullets in a Variety of Weights so I may try others as well...

Anyway data is a Bit Scarce, I have found some in my Hornady Book, and my OLD Lyman book. BUT No data shows up in my NOSLER, or Hodgdon Books nor the Hodgdon or IMR Data sites on the web?

Cases will be New Norma, Primers I have several to choose from as well as Propellants options.
Anyone loading for this Gun and what have you been having success with?

TIA..... :beer:

April 16, 2007, 21:27
I picked up some Lapua D166 200gr bullets, Norma brass and an RCBS die set from Midway recently with the intentions of trying some handloads through my M39's. I have not loaded any rounds yet but would also be interested in hearing what others are using. The latest Lee loading manual has some 7.62 x 54R data.

April 17, 2007, 07:41
Good luck with 308 bullet. I could not get the cases to grip a 308 bullet. Tried the Privi Part 154 .311 bullet and it was just ok (don't have the powder in front of me). Using cases from Graf & Sons. Hornady bullets have proved a little better. That said I have not really betten CZ silver tip in me M39 yet. Lee manual does have some loads and I hear you can take starting loads for 308 and work up - at your own risk of course.

April 17, 2007, 08:32
I measured the Mouth of 5 Cases with my Very Near Calipers..
.303" was the INSIDE Case mouth measurement on all of them...
With Bullets @ .308" I "Hope" to be OK? Just for Grins I tried to Press (BY Hand) a Bullet into the Case mouth and it was not possible..
I "HOPE" To Neck Size Only, but Could prolly use my Lee Factory Crimp dies just to Snug up the tension IF needed..
Planning on getting 20 Rounds loaded before my Next Range trip, Hopefully this week sometime?
My VKT is an Excellent Shooter so I may use this as the Test Rifle, I have NOT shot the SAKO yet but Hope it shoots as well? May just try them both for a Better test.
I know what you mean about the CZECH Silver Tip, this ammo shoots great out of all the Guns I have tried it in to date, Including my PSL.

April 17, 2007, 08:38
I recently fired some of that brass cased bulgy heavy ball (1955) in my sako 39 and got nice clover leafs at 50 yds. I don't figure I could do much better reloading it.

All I see for sale now is the bulgy light ball...............

April 17, 2007, 08:54
The CZECH Light Ball is Still out there.. I just saw it the other day somewhere..
This is indeed very good ammo.
I don't know that I can improve upon this ammo, and Not sure that is really my Ultimate Goal? However I would expect that someday this stuff will either Be GONE or Increase in Price dramatically?
Thinking along those lines and since I have the Stuff on hand to dick around some I figure "IF" I can come up with a Nice Load that Closely duplicates what I already have that would be great. Also would be Nice to have a Good load that is NOT Corrosive so I can be a Little Lazy now and then when I get home form the range..
I have a Pretty good supply of X54R but I think it would be Cool to come up with a GOOD Handload for the FINNS..

April 17, 2007, 19:34

This is the load I'm using for both of my M39's. I've been getting about 2.5" at a 100yds if I do my part.

.310 Hornady 150gr sp bullet.
Graf brass
CCI large primer
44.5gr of H4895


April 17, 2007, 19:54
Thank you Jacob..
Let me ask you this....
With the 150 Grain bullet does your POI Change?
Or should I say does your POI stay the same as the Light Ball loads, compared to the Heavy Ball loads?
Possibly you have not shot any Heavy Ball, but I was just wundrin.. :beer:

April 17, 2007, 21:30
This is the only load I have fired, no surplus ammo. These rifles were so nice I didn't want to use corrosive ammo. At a hundred yards I hold the top of the front sight at the bottom of the bull on a standard NRA 100 yd target. This more or less puts my groups at center mass. I have been thinking of ordering the modd front sight from Tennessee Gun Parts, but never got around to it.


April 17, 2007, 21:38
I use the Same 6:00 O'Clock Hold so that's good..
I know what you mean about the Bore and Corrosive ammo..
That is WHY I am so Quick to come home and Clean when shooting it..
I do feel however that when properly taken care of I will NOT degrade the Bore at all. I just want to come up with a Good NON-Corrosive load..
My VKT is Cherry, the SAKO is Real Nice but the Bore is Not "AS" Nice as the other.. It has cleaned up real wll though with JB Bore Paste and I hope it gets some shine back after I shoot it some? Great example of the SAKO and I expect it to be a Very good shooter just like the VKT?

April 17, 2007, 21:51
Yeah, if you clean right away, no big deal. I'm just weird with my M39's. Surplus is all I shoot in my M44, M38 and M91/30's. I have a Sako and B barrel and both barrels were just like mirrors. The Sako has a much better trigger the B barrel trigger is a little heavy. Overall, they have been great rifles.

May 01, 2007, 09:00
Any word on the 168gr 308 in Finn 39? I am interested to hear.

May 01, 2007, 09:22
For those who want to shoot 308 bullets and the neck won't grip the bullet. Take off your neck exspanding ball and put on one from your 3006, 308 or 30-30 die. Or just buy another ball.

May 01, 2007, 17:43
Originally posted by jvm
For those who want to shoot 308 bullets and the neck won't grip the bullet. Take off your neck exspanding ball and put on one from your 3006, 308 or 30-30 die. Or just buy another ball.

Actually, you don't need an expander ball at all, especially when using boattail bullets. Just chamfer the ID of the case mouth lightly, and you'll be fine. Benchrest shooters don't use expander balls in (most) of their dies, as they actually can cause neck stretching and bullet runout issues.

May 07, 2007, 22:15
i use a 32s-w long sizer die to neck size cases for 54r ,308 , 06 and 7.5 swiss works fine as long as your shooting it in the same rifle and works the brass very little