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Timber Wolf
April 02, 2007, 20:58
I have a few of the folders that came without the screws so read with interest a post somewhere that a guy got some at Lowes. I went today and sure enough they had some in the specialty fastener section. They are bright polished but one does not show in the gun anyway and I can live with the other one showing. They come two to a pack and the smallest they had was M5 X .80 X 10 and are the ones to get. Think they were .68 cents a pack. The factory screws come as one long and one short, the Lowes screws are a little shorter then the long one but work fine (in the front of the trunnion) and need to be shortened a bit to work in the back. You can actually put one in the back with the stock open but it will not fold. Actually one screw in the front is plenty to keep the thing on the gun but shortening a screw is no big deal is you have a "screw gizzy" for this purpose, I just need to find mine.

Remember, get thee a folder on every gun you can BEFORE the next ban. I know, but THEY will get another ban through, it is just a matter of time.:mad:

April 02, 2007, 22:50
Originally posted by Timber Wolf
~~~Remember, get thee a folder on every gun you can BEFORE the next ban. I know, but THEY will get another ban through, it is just a matter of time.:mad:
There's no guarantee a new ban would grandfather anything or expire, so better to fight it than plan for loss of liberty as some did last time with the '94 AWB.

And how is the AWB in any form destined to return?
If memory serves, it took:
#1 A liberal leftist controlled House & Senate.
#2 A liberal leftist controlled Executive Branch.
#3 An infinitely weaker gun lobby than currently exists in funding and membership.
#4 A liberal (Foxless) media spewing only misinformation.
Even with the above factors, the resulting AWB passed only in an anemic version with an expiration clause.

As far as prospects for return of an AWB:
#1 (A liberal leftist controlled House & Senate) is in place 'for now anyway'.
#2 will not reoccur judging by their candidates the likes of Hitlery & O'bama.
and #3 & 4 will never reoccur.

Even IF liberals win the presidency and retain both houses in Nov.'08, there is still the quadrupling of the gun lobby's influence and infiltration of some truth in several media outlets for enemies of Freedom to contend with.

Regardless of attitude toward chances of a new AWB, all freedom loving Americans need to write their representatives and senators and not just sit complacent and lament the end of our freedom as "just a matter of time".

April 05, 2007, 12:23
I hope you are right I really do.

Fox does not seem to matter though! The left press presently almost seems to be running the country, they speak to the "mushy moron middle" and are obeyed at the polls.

And the Dem's have discovered something important to whit they don't have to tell the truth! they just have to have a willing audience and a press corp to sell it.