View Full Version : New Randall arrives today.

March 29, 2007, 20:44
well , after waiting since June 30, 2003, my Randall Knife has finally arrived . It is a model #11 Alaskan skinner with a 3 1/4 inch blade . This knife has a very nice piece of stag for the handle and a brass guard.
In the past I have owned five Randalls and all I ever did was polish them and put them away, always worried that I might do some thing with these knives , like cut something .Those days are over.If I own it ,I use it! This knife will get a good nights sleep and tomorrow it will go to work with me .
Also I ordered a # 1 fighter and it will arrive in 2009. Looking forward to that day also.

March 30, 2007, 08:52
I've had two Randalls; one was even lightly used before I got it. Didn't have the guts to use either. The new one was a carbon steel, stag handled Model 26 if I recall correctly. I told myself it would be my one "using" knife and even wore it on a belt (it never left the scabbard) on a camping trip. But oh how I worried about it rusting, or getting knicked or scratch. I sold it to pay for a limited run Marlin rifle; that was in 2000 I think. If I had kept it and sold it today, I could probably buy two Marlin rifles!

Yours is a nice looking knife. Actually, it looks like it would be a great camping or woods-bumming knife. I hope you do use it and are pleased with it!

March 30, 2007, 20:01
thinking back ,out of the five previous Randalls only one was a daily user (practical) . the other four were military style and really not good for daily use.(model"s 1, 1, 14, 12). The model 26, that I had, was a good usable knife. but I was also afraid of using those knives. I think I just about polished them to death . sold them because I was not using them. I am going to order another , not sure what model but It will be a user thats for sure.

Old Blind Squirrel
March 30, 2007, 21:10
I have the exact same Model 11 (blade length identical). I have skinned deer and 1 steer with it. It has performed as if it was an extension of my hand. The sambar stag handle feels perfect and has a perfect curve to keep the blade straight and parallel to my hand. My sheath has the sharpening stone pouch on it. I also had my name etched into the blade. These options were available when I ordered mine, way back in 1971. The cost was $90.00 if I remember correctly and the wait was an awful long 6 months at that time. Now the wait is a lot longer. I would like to get a Model 1 sometime in the future. Congrats on the arrival of a great knife.

March 31, 2007, 10:31
I am glad that Randall is staying with their policy of not mass producing the Randall Made Knife.The day they go to mass production, will be the day they start that long slide into the pit of knife hell. I hope I never see it.
A six month wait would welcome at this point. I think they are up to four years now.The model 1 is about as cool as it can get for a fighter.
A while back I purchased an old auction catalog put out by Rhett Stidham that was all Randalls.It was a collection owned by Jack Crider, and it had every different variation of Randall knives that you could imagine. Randall actually made some folding knives as proto types and this guy had two of them. At the time they were 2500.00 apiece.
Thanks for the input about the model 11.

April 02, 2007, 09:02
Nice knife.

I had a Randal that I never even saw. I ordered one while in Iraq, paid by check through the mail. Went home on mid-tour leave, when I came back one of my buddies in the platoon said it came and was sitting on my bunk. It was gone, tore the whole place apart looking for it. I was too ashamed of my platoon to even try to get a replacement and explain what an honorable bunch of soldiers I worked with. If you ever see a Randal with a serial of "K6984", my battle roster, punch the owner in the face for me.

April 03, 2007, 13:04
I pulled the 2003 letter out of my safe from Randall - my 7" #1 should be here this November. A four year wait is not something I would have considered in my younger days.

I should have ordered on of those Bird & Trout knives at the same time.........

Stan the Gun man
April 25, 2007, 12:13
:D thats a nice knife, just love Randalls!

July 31, 2007, 12:13
Twice I had collections of Randalls in various military versions, one in every size. Twice I had to sell them to finance divorces. When I got so sick and almost croaked, along with my guns, I gave most of my remaining Randalls and Microtechs to my sons. I kept the #14 "Attack" with stainless blade and black sheath, and it remains unused and pristine. I also kept a few Microtechs, a SOCOM, HALO III, and UT6. The UT6 is my EDC.

I also have a Randall #1 with 6" stainless blade and black Rucarta handle. It's my using knife, and despite claims that fighting linives aren't good for general hunting purposes, that's what I use mine for, and it works great. I use it for field dressing game and it makes short work of chopping through bone, and is even great for skinning. It is even good for general campsite jobs, cutting and chopping branches and other utility work. Randalls are worth the money and the wait.

I got them all when I was well and made good money. Now I'm glad I did, as I could never afford them now.