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Black Wolf
March 25, 2007, 15:41
Ok, finally had a chance to take my Imbel receiver FAL to the range. Here's what happened.

I got the gas set to properly eject a round, it's set to a 4. So I load up a full magazine to have fun. I chamber a round, the bullet feeds fine, pull the trigger, it fires and the case ejects, and the next round feeds fine. NOW, here's the problem - I then pull the trigger to fire the second round and find that it doesn't go click, - it's like the trigger didn't reset, it's mushy pulling it backwards. Here's the freaky thing though, I can sit and cycle the bolt manually and pull the trigger every time and it works fine, goes click everytime (while it's unloaded). I can even pull the bolt back about 1/4 way manually (while its unloaded) and the trigger hammer goes back and sets to normal position, ready to fire position.

To simplify my problem again - after firing the first round, the 2nd round loads fine, but the trigger doesn't reset - it doesn't go click. However, manually cycling the bolt everything works fine.

Any ideas where I should start trouble shooting?

The bolt?
The trigger?
The spring in the buttstock?

Gunga Din
March 25, 2007, 16:30
Hi Black Wolf -

This question should really be posted in Gunsmithing and Build it Yourself, mostly because very few people will see it here. You will get lots more help over there.

Also we have been asked not to start new threads here. "Please do not initiate a post here. Moderators usually move or initiate posts in this Forum, but ANY may answer."

Black Wolf
March 25, 2007, 18:55
Whoops. Sorry 'bout that. Don't know how I accidentally posted it here.