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March 04, 2007, 01:02
I've spent a couple hours trying to work up a 30.06 load for my Garand using 4895 and once fired Korean brass. With 150 grain fmj's I'm starting at 46 grains and working up a grain at a time to 49.

My problem is that my Dillon 550 is new to me, and the powder measure is giving me fits. I know stick powder is not ideal but I think I should be able to throw charges better than plus or minus up to .8 grains yes? Plus it drops from about 3-4 to as much as 10-12 (approximately) loose "sticks" of powder all over the machine every time I cycle it.

I have gone over the setup of the powder measure, checked the funnel, checked and polished the funnel and where it meets inside the measure, and I just don't see where its dropping the loose powder from. I even tap the side of the meter to dislodge the granules as I charge the case. Still drops loose powder.

The measure worked perfectly with Unique for .45 acp so I don't think its the measure, I think its the stick powder. Can anyone confirm this for me? I truly want to throw that damn thing right now. Ahhhhh therepy yes?

Anyway I cobbled together my Redding powder measure and used it for the first time because of all this and WOW that thing works so well. Very accurate, even with stick powder, plus or minus about .2 grains. Just looks funky on the top of the 550. I can't believe it sat on my bench for almost a year without being used.

Also anyone have any input on what a max load should be for this combination of brass/bullet/powder for a Garand? I want to avoid max but still would like to see about 2600-2700 fps or so.

Thanks guys


March 04, 2007, 01:09
I dont have my load book handy but I think Im using like 52. Dont recall though.

Stick powders arent that great in a measure. If you think 4895 is bad, try 4064. Theyre twice as long. My rcbs "chops" a few of the 4895 but usually holds to within .2gr. Same on the 4064 but it hangs on the grains alot worse. .2gr is a good deviation. Approaching 1gr you will see "indian .308" like deviation in accuracy.

English Mike
March 04, 2007, 13:32
If you think a .8gr variation is bad, then look at what HBR found when he dismantled some Korean M2:

LINK (http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=195863)

March 04, 2007, 14:30
Well looks like I am doing a bit better than the Koreans!

he he he


March 04, 2007, 14:48
worked for a dillon distributor ...they always recomended modern powders ..like vhitavouri oy ....if your getting .8 deviation .....something is wrong ...mine will and has consistantly held .2 for years ....i remember way back using unique and "hogdons"...3 shots with the 45 ...cant see the targets any more .(smoke)..try the vit ....call dillon ask for a reloading manual ...looking at mine im seeing many loads at 2700fps and 3100 max ....for the o6 ..THIS STUFF IS CLEAN..!!!..can put 500 rounds thru the 45 and its clean as a whistle .AND CYCLES PERFECTLY ...the otheres youd be using a backhoe to get the residue out ...and jamming ....just an opinion ...

Survey Punk
March 04, 2007, 16:02
The NRA book, or pamphlet, on the Garand shows 49gr 4895 as the charge for an M2 spec. load. I've loaded 50gr with commercial IMR 4895 and get just under 2800fps.
Sounds to me like you're having a "static cling" problem. Wrap one of those drier sheets around the bottom of the measure and secure with a rubber band. Stops the static and makes the whole room smell Springtime fresh! Make sure your machine gets 2 solid bumps on the up and down stroke. A tap or 2 isn't out of the question. Make sure you do each throw exactly the same. Keep your measure at least half full. Slow down a notch and let the machine have a chance to do its job.


March 04, 2007, 16:35
Yeah, something is wrong - Dillon powder measures just don't leak extruded powder and while they will vary some from powder to powder, you should be able to drop 4895 within 0.2 to 0.3 grains. I suggest you A) go through your setup manual for Rifle loading and then B) give the Dillon tech a call.

March 04, 2007, 17:23
Thanks for the ideas. I will give the dryer sheet a try and if that doesn't work I'll definately call tech support. It actually seems like a static issue actually now that you point it out but we'll see. I need to chrono what I have worked up and take another swing at it next weekend.

Thanks guys!