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March 01, 2007, 13:32
On Monday I ordered 2- 400 count cans of 308 ammunition from the Ammo store, I had turned in my back ground check via computer Sunday night, and then Monday I ordered it the lady said the guy who checks the forms was not in, but we can go ahead and process it, but today when I went to check on the order they said they had none. Since my account was charged I was furious. They had gone ahead and sold the 2 cases that were promised to me, that I had paid for... Reconsider ordering from the Ammunitionstore. They have lost a long time customer today, as I used to purchase cases from them at gun shows from them, but never again. Just wanted to pass this warning along...

March 01, 2007, 13:34
Originally posted by esmith
..., I had turned in my back ground check via computer Sunday night,


March 01, 2007, 13:57
Its some form they had you fill out on there web site.I submitted it sunday called monday to oder the ammo lady taking order said guy who checks them wasnt there but we could go ahead with everything and that she would call with tracking# they didnt have a problem with taking 241.00$ out of my account but holding two cans of ammo was even though I paid for it they went ahead and sold it out.They didnt even call to tell me I called to see when it was coming only to be told were out.How long were they going to let that ride.She said we can put you on top of our next list.I had already paid I should have been at the front of the line the first time and it didnt matter.