View Full Version : Military 9 mm Load

February 24, 2007, 19:48
Does anyone know what the military uses for powder and charge for their 9 mm?

I have the info on most, but can't seem to find the link where I got the others.

February 24, 2007, 21:24
M882 is loaded with 6gr of HPC26.

The .pdf I get my info from is "TM43-0001-27.pdf". You might try to google it. If you can't find it, PM me and I will FTP it to my webserver so you can DL a copy.

February 25, 2007, 09:09
Thanks, I have it at work but could not find it yesterday.

March 01, 2007, 09:41
Now the obvious follow up question...

What is the commercial equivalent to HPC26?