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February 11, 2007, 01:37
Had the opportunity to do a couple of CQB runs in a 'fun house' last night (using paintball style guns) with a few reserve officers. Was interesting (and a bit fun).

One of them had a Gladius weapon light on his "gun" and I was very impressed with it. He's had it for six months for daily carry and hasn't had any problems. Seems rugged and these lights throw a very powerful beam that frankly looked better than some (not all) of the Sure Fire models most of the others had. The major 'wow' factor however was the strobe feature. With the strobe on, it was very disorienting and distracting, making accurate shots almost impossible at the guys with the Gladius in strobe-mode, but not affecting thier aim in the least (the strobe had an effect even at the range of 50 meters, the maximum at this facility).

Not a very scientific test, but it convinced me and most of the other gents that this would be a good tool to have. Haven't found any negative info on them yet, so we're going to be ordering some shortly (as well as a few for family members over in the sand box). If anyone has heard of problems please let me know.

Here's a info link if anyone's interested: http://www.night-ops.com/pdfs/Gladius-Specifications.pdf

February 11, 2007, 06:30
The only problem I know of is the price. We played with them and my partner bought one. The strobe effect is somewhat disorienting.

But I bought a tailcap off eBay for $10 that fits on the Surefire and has the same effect for a whole lot less. Or so say the disinterested observers that we used to test the things.

Don't get me wrong, some things are worth the money they cost, but making a light strobe is not exactly new technology.

February 11, 2007, 14:49
Thanks Azrial. Indeed they aren't cheap price wise. On that tail cap, do you know the manufacturer that makes it? Sounds like it's worth checking into.

February 11, 2007, 15:32
Mine is the "G&P A.I. STROBE Switch for SureFire Flashlight #GP527," really an airsoft product, but mine has been on my Class 3 M4 for 4-5 hundred rounds.

There is one listed on eBay (http://cgi.ebay.com/G-P-A-I-STROBE-Switch-for-SureFire-Flashlight-GP527_W0QQitemZ270088490446QQihZ017QQcategoryZ1069 88QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem) right now.

February 27, 2007, 10:48
I picked up a couple of those tailcaps a while back for my Surefires; good to have, but not the same effect as the Gladius. LEDs are much better for strobing because they go on and off almost instantly--halogen bulbs warm up and cool down, so there is a transition. Not really noticeable with normal use, but fairly obvious when you compare the two next to each other.

I agree, they are pricey--but most good taclights are anyway.

February 27, 2007, 19:29
The Gladius is my backup light on my bat belt. It's hell on drunks and effective for building searches. However, you will find it shoved somewhere up your backside if you keep strobing your wife . . . :rofl:

On a side note, I confirmed with Ken Good that Streamlight has licensed the design and are making a lower cost copy known as the Typhoon. Price difference was about $45 bwteen SL and Night-Ops/Blackhawk.

February 28, 2007, 02:06
Originally posted by tahoe25
..........Not really noticeable with normal use, but fairly obvious when you compare the two next to each other.....

Yep, there is a noticeable visual difference with the two, side by side but using our disinterested observers, there was not a notable difference in the disorientation effect.