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January 03, 2007, 22:27
I wanted to see if other Fal Files Members bought C1A1 Parts from Fal Files Member - FNC1 - Stephan Gurgurewicz from Canada ? Below is a post he had put up back in July of 2006


Reason for this posting is that i bought alot of parts from him and when i received the package there were parts missing that i had ordered . No one had tampered with the package , it was well packaged .. I contacted FNC1 about the missing parts , and the last i heard back from him was OCT 7 2006 ..

I have been emailing him on regular basis, and i have been very very patient , because i know he is away alot , but now i feel that he is ignoring me . I was wondering why he only has one positive feedback , because i know he has sold C1A1 parts in the past here on the Fal Files .. Has anyone else had the same problem with FNC1 , that i am having. Parts missing from your order when you received it ? FNC1 does not respond back to your emails ?

If you don't want to respond in this posting , Please email me at


Your input would be appreciated

Thank You