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January 03, 2007, 20:33
Of course, maximum in .308 is listed as 2.015. I trim my cases after I re-size them in small base dies. But what is the minimum length? Every once in awhile I get too wild with the deburring tool and the case will end up 2.010 or 2.009 Do you throw it or keep it? I suppose that the problem would be in not having enough brass to apply a good crimp to the bullet? That doesn't seem like a real concern given that small amount of difference. But I'm new at this and I want to be sure.

Trimming is the most perplexing part of reloading for me. I'll get my trimmer set up and I'll do 15 rounds that all come out to 2.014....then BAM one comes out at 2.010..and I'm like WTH?:confused:

Survey Punk
January 04, 2007, 05:17
I wouldn't toss them. They'll work fine as long as you're not crimping, which you don't need anyway.
A benchrester might not use them in a match but for everyday average shooting they're OK.
Your small base dies are a little overkill and variations in ammount of lube may be giving you various lengths. Also cases being mass produced are subject to variations right from the git-go.


January 04, 2007, 09:37
The Maximum case length for 308 is 2.015.

Recommended trim length is 2.005.

Cases trimmed to 2.010 are well within specs and this is the length I trim to.

The only thing affected by case length is crimping. (assuming case is sized correctly) I use a Lee Factory Crimp die and minor variations in length have no effect on the crimp.


January 04, 2007, 14:52
Thank you, guys.