View Full Version : Color Matching the Williams Receiver

August 29, 2001, 21:41
Finished a G1 on a Williams receiver.

Color matches almost perfectly with the remainder of the gun painted with hi-temp flat black from Ace Hardware.

WECSOG finish.

The kit went together for about a total of $385

Minor timing problems solved with breeching washer.

Actually looks great.

August 29, 2001, 22:53
What sized washer and LS did you need?

August 30, 2001, 07:52
Randy did the machining so he would know the size of the washer used. I do not.

We used a 268 locking washer.

August 30, 2001, 09:34
Have you used that paint before? How's it hold up?

August 30, 2001, 10:17
I went looking for paint to match the receiver. I have not used it but it is so close to the receiver color that I did the entire gun.

It probably will do as well as any paint, not baked on paint, and being heat resistant a little better.

Blasting the surface will probably give a better grip.

I suspect that this will be as good as the paint I put on the Imbel kit last Spring. That has held up quite well through a lot of shooting and carrying.

At $4.79 per can it is awfully cheap refinishing if needed. Gun Plumber probably has a $150 solution if extreme durability is an issue.