View Full Version : SG "tactical" mil-dot scope, 4-16x50

December 22, 2006, 21:07
i will admit that i am new to optics, and i may not be looking at some major issues. that said, i had been wanting to put a scope on my stg for some time. i liked the look and price and power of this scope.


i asked around on the files and was told anything under 100 bucks is likely crap. plus it is SG brand. but i was aleady ordering a ton of ammo and paying the max shipping rate, so i figured worst case scenario i would have to pay to return it for a refund.

i put it on my new 5th gen mount and took it to the range to sight in. sighted in very quickly and from then on kept its zero perfectly. seemed to handle the recoil well. firing quickly, it consistently produced three inch groups with SA ammo. what i like most is that the eye relief is very generous so i was never scared about busting my brow open. it is also illuminated, an eerie bright green. i have not used the scope in low light so i cant comment on that.

so for 90 bucks (with my discount), i feel like i lucked out. fwiw.