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December 21, 2006, 17:23
I reload for one reason and one reason alone: value. In the case of pistol rounds, I reload 45 ACP and 9mm on a Dillon 550B. I have loaded cast bullets in the past but dealing with all the barrel leading and smoke is just a pain, but copper jacketed FMJs are just too expensive. So, I have been loading Rainier copper clad cast bullets for a few years now and really like them. I buy them in bulk from Midway with their "free freight" offers (which is just them shipping via USPS flat rate boxes instead of UPS) and my C&R discount. However, recently I have come across what could be an even better deal than Rainier copper clad: Master Blaster polymer coated cast bullets:


Anyone have any personal experience with these? They claim that their polymer coating prevents leading and that since they don't need any lube theres no smoke (oddly, many of them still have a lube groove, but its supposed to stay empty) and that that can even be shot in Glocks with polygonal rifling without any fear of leading. The very most important thing, however (since Im an admitted utter tightwad), is that they are even cheaper than Rainier plated bullets in bulk. Their website lists prices with shipping included and you can get very large bulk packs at deeper discounts.

If I buy at all, it will be a 9750rd case of 9mm 155gr and a 5100rd case of 230gr 45 ACP. I wont waste my time on a 100rd "sample pack", so I'd like some (free) personal anecdotes here. Very likely they work as advertised but as usual, if something looks too good to be true it probably is, so I'm curious what, if anything, the catch is here. Any caveats on these bullets? Any way to get deeper discounts than are advertised on their site (their ebay auctions are all at the same price as the website)?

Also, are there even cheaper options out there that don't involve traditional smoky and messy naked lead cast bullets? Casting and/or swaging my own is not an option at this point, BTW.

December 24, 2006, 21:11
I'm pretty sure you are looking at the West Coast version of the "Black Bullet" started by Precision Bullets in Texas. The next best thing to jacketed bullets in my experience with .40s and .45s anyway. I never tried them in 9mm.

December 25, 2006, 00:52
I can go through 250 rds of 45ACP 200g swc from Lazercast with crappy old powders and still great function/little leading. I shoot a hot load in a sig 220. I'm pretty sure they are lubed and the lube or powder goop will get you eventually. I think I can go 500 rds easily without cleaning but usually get around to cleaning at 250rds.

December 30, 2006, 12:29
I just got 250 of the 230 grain round nose in .45. I'll try to load some up and see how they do. They do look ok and are fairly inexpensive so hopefully they are good.


January 01, 2007, 15:40
Well I loaded and fired 100 of the 230 grain LRN yesterday morning. I started with the same exact load I use for the Rainer 230 grain restrikes, 5.9 grains of unique over a CCI LPP at 1.25 OAL.

I'm not all technical and I own a Chrony but I didn't bring it with me so I can't tell you much about velocity, but function was perfect. Accuracy was better than I usually get at 50 yards shooting at a steel target where only hits are counted.

Cleaning up, I noticed a small build-up of lead against the lands toward the last inch or so of barrel. It cleaned up easily with a brush and some "Ed's Red" homemade bore cleaner. This is my first time shooting lead bullets in my 1911 and I think it was a very positive experiance. Long long ago I swore off un-jacketed bullets after spending hours cleaning a .357 magnum S&W model 19, but this was way different.

This load with the Raniers usually gives me 850 FPS or so and it was COLD so I didn't work on accuracy much just a quick down and dirty in the Maine winter. I plan to buy some more of these if thats any consolation.