View Full Version : WTK: knife on "Man vs Wild" ?

December 01, 2006, 00:07
either the dude on the Discovery Channel TV program has a bunch of them, or his knife is top shelf.(I know, he really ain`t "roughing it"....he has a "camera crew" with him the whole time. But, he does put himself in some bad places at times)

This guy, in many scenes where he`s building a shelter, lays the blade on a small tree/sapling, and pounds it thru with a rock. This crap happens week after week. I usually bend the tree till it`s touching the ground, then cut the trunk. He`s done that before, but for some reason feels the need to pound his knife thru the tree every week.

Is his knife that tough, or does his "camera crew" tote dozens for him to pound on? If it`s that tough, who makes it? Price?

Anybody else watch his show? I usually watch it since it comes on after the Everest program on Tuesdays.(THOSE guys are the crazy ones)



December 01, 2006, 11:38
I watch it and laugh myself incontinent. Follow that guys advice and the wild will almost certainly win. His obsession with climbing down water falls is my favorite. I have no idea what sort of knife he uses, but imagine he has a whole stack of them.

Mad Dog 7.62
December 01, 2006, 13:00
I have only watched one episode, where he supposedly parachuted into the Costa Rican rain forest with only a knife and water bottle....and a camera crew, of course.

I agree with thunderchicken, it should be a comedy, not a reality show. Anyone who would climb down a 60 ft high waterfall to save a little time is really stupid. The only thing worse than being lost in the wild is being lost in the wild with two broken legs and internal injuries.

A top-shelf knife would probably stand up to the abuse he gives it, but again, if this is the only tool you have and you are depending on it to save your life, are you going to beat the crap out of it with a rock??

It would be a much better show if it showed some useful survival skills, not Waterfall Rappeling 101.

December 01, 2006, 20:08
watch it and laugh myself incontinent

as do most people who watch it, I`d imagine. His excuses for "waterfall climbing" are rather rediculous, as was his recent episode of eating the salmon raw when he had the provisions to make fire and properly cook the damn thing :rofl:

Like MD762 said......IF he was ACTUALLY alone, would he beat the crap outta the only knife he had?:rolleyes:

BTW.....the Everest series is 2 thumbs up........

December 01, 2006, 21:26
it look's like a gerber gator. in the hawaii show. that guy is a dumbass. special forces my ass~R

December 04, 2006, 07:34
how many people belive he could sharpen a knife like he did on the rain forest show...

December 04, 2006, 10:02
Sounds like the Director wants at least some semblance of action to spice things up. Conserving your resources(don't abuse your only knife) and playing safe(no waterfall rappelling) make for dull TV. Reality ? more like "Survivor" R & D with this guy and his crew heading to their trailers after filming. You can take chances if you KNOW you are getting out.

December 04, 2006, 10:48
Originally posted by mosbysmen
how many people belive he could sharpen a knife like he did on the rain forest show...

was that where he smashed up the rock into a half assed abrasive and spread it on a stick? I wet myself. The whole time I'm thinking "dude, you have a rock why not just use that if you are so desperate for a little more edge to abuse on your knife?" My favorite is still the Moab show: Peeing on his shirt, eating eggshells because he "needs the calcium," swimming under log jams of uncertain structure, climbing chimney style out of slot canyons. That guy is a special kind of dumb, heaven help those who follow his advice.

December 04, 2006, 11:34
how long do you think his pee hat stayed wet , then all he had was a salty ,stinky headress...