View Full Version : Anybody use IMR 3031?

Random Chaos
November 13, 2006, 11:05
Does anybody use IMR 3031 to reload .223 and .308? I'll be shooting 55gr and 150gr bullets, respectively. Lyman does list this powder for these two calibers but I wanted to see if anyone had any real world experience. I want to reload both these cartridges but want to limit the different kinds of powder I will need to buy.



November 13, 2006, 11:15
I have used it with published data - it is a good choice for carbines - I use it a lot with 30-06 in a carbine - best I have found for velocity and low flash with a shorter barrel.

If you are not working with short barrels I would suggest moving to Varget.

November 13, 2006, 15:56
The very 1st rounds I loaded used this powder. Its a fine powder thats been around since before WWII.

Its a stick powder so it has the inherent variations that they have when using a Uniflow type powder measure, so I have pretty much gravitated to ball powders.

The only stick power I use is the original 4895 for 30-06 so that I will have the correct burn rate for the gas operation in my Garand.

November 13, 2006, 16:24
buy varget, it works great in 223 and 308.

high velocities too.

26.5 in a 223, will work great.
47.0 in a 308 with a 150 is listed as max for just over 2900 fps.
fastest load listed in the hodgdon powder loading info....

November 18, 2006, 00:45
To answer your question, yes I've used it. In fact, I've gotten some great performance out of 7.62 rounds loaded w/Fed match primers and GI match brass, 39.5 gr of the powder & a 168gr Sierra MatchKing. Use at your own risk, yada yada yada.

This is one of the best performing powders I've found, but I've also found that I prefer loading w/TAC. It meters like fine sand, and you can load 5.56 and 7.62 with it easily. My only two complaints about 3031 are that it's not a more modern, temperature-stable powder like TAC or Vitavhoi (spelling?), and it's a stick powder so it doesn't meter easily in a powder measure.

If you've got an electronic powder scale, or a lot of time to weigh each charge, go for it.

Hope this helps.