View Full Version : Can a metric reciever,be retaped to izzy threads ??

L1A1 shooter 1
September 24, 2001, 11:32
i saw those izzy H/B for sale,,ty if u can help ;)

September 24, 2001, 19:18
But...why??? :confused:

Always grind/drill/rethread/alter the cheapest part. This would mean to favor the receiver over just a barrel. Also, think of the future some 20,000 rounds from now... you're gonna have a lot better luck screwing in a replacement Metric or Inch barrel than scaring up another Izzy. Any number of gunsmiths, board or otherwise, can rethread your HB to Metric/Inch standard of 1" by 16 TPI.

Or buy a die from MSC Industrial Supply, 1-800-645-7270. (Don't EVER let them send you their "Big Book" catalog, it'll ruin your life, sorta like TAPCO.)
"HSS Special Thread Round Split Adjustable Dies: 1-16, stock number 03939162."

If you don't have a holder for 2" dies, "Round Die Stocks: 2", stock number 03722006."


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September 24, 2001, 19:33
Originally posted by L1A1 shooter 1:
<STRONG>i saw those izzy H/B for sale,,ty if u can help ;)</STRONG>

Better yet- buy an Israeli receiver clone from Entreprise.