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September 24, 2001, 10:32
I really like the looks of the Aussie HB Bipod. I am assuming that it also doubles as the HGs. Can it be retrofitted to a standard barrel? Is there special hardware? I have only seen a few not-so-clear and not-closeup pictures so I can't really tell what's what. Anyone have the experience?
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September 25, 2001, 00:30
Do a search on bipod conversion. There was a post I believe last month from a board member who was working on the idea. I'll try and find it again and post it.

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September 25, 2001, 19:52
could not find the post. Can some post link? :confused:

September 25, 2001, 20:31
Convert and you shall be healed :D

September 25, 2001, 20:32
Thats me that was working on this. I just have had no time lately to play with FN stuff. I should have some time later next week to work on this L2 project scince there is more interest. Go to my web page to see a fuzzy picture of my first experiment.

More L2 conversion projects to follow.