View Full Version : israeli HB selector question

September 24, 2001, 09:25
Is Israeli semiauto selector BATF ok as part?

September 24, 2001, 13:15
An Izzy semi selector is fine to use, but does not count as a US part. A full auto selector is OK to use also, but will allow your selector to rotate to the F position, and not allow your hammer to reset after its shot.

I think that was what you wanted to know.

September 24, 2001, 18:39
posted August 31, 2001 19:33

Parts that don't count, US-made or not:

* front sling swivel
* front sight
* gas block
* gas plug
* gas adjustment
* gas tube
* gas nut
* carrying handle
* handguard ring
* knob only on charging handle
* magazine release
* bolt hold-open
* locking shoulder
* ejector block
* firing pin
* extractor
* pivot pin assembly
* trigger guard
* selector
* latch lever
* latch pin assembly
* rear sight
* recoil tube
* buttpad/buttplate only on buttstock
* rear sling swivel
* ANY spring
* various pins, screws

While I might complain that Uncle Sugar's rules don't make any sense, I'd rather not disturb a sleeping giant and have him stir the pot further with even stupider rules.