View Full Version : chipped Ejector ---has anyone ever........

September 23, 2001, 15:17
replaced a broken ejector?
the ejector on one of my IMBEL recievers
isn't broken to the point that it won't eject shells--Actually,it's the small spot that returns towards the BHO; it chipped
don't ask me how it just did. do i need to replace the ejector? or the whole block or what?
OR can I just live with it and not worry :confused:


Bruce Allen
September 23, 2001, 16:12
The whole block must be replaced. It is held in place by 2 pins.
Usually you will ruin the pins by driving them out as most are in very well.

When you get a new block it should come with 2 new pins.

They may be longer than what is needed so you will have to file/dremel them flush with the receiver.

I learned a trick about this.

Drive them into place then mark where they would be flush with the receiver and drive them back out that side and dremel them to the mark and then drive them back in.
They should be flush without buggering up the finish to much.

Also usually a new ejector block will not fit perfectly and may require hand fitting.

If I can do it so can anyone.

September 23, 2001, 17:45
I would check to see if it is a one piece or two piece ejector block before driving any pins out. All of the Imbel receivers I have seen were two piece. It will be obvious if it is a two piece. Look at the ejector itself, you should be able to see where it fits into the top of the ejector block. All you have to do is drive out the top pin far enough to wiggle the ejector out of the slot, put the new one in place and drive the pin back in. Sometimes, the holes don't match all the way. No problem, just find a drill bit the same size as the pin hole and ream the ejector pin hole while it is installed in the block. Go slow and easy. I have had to do this before, I let the bolt go on an unbarreled receiver while it was attatched to a lower. Snapped the ejector right off.

September 23, 2001, 18:58
it's a two piece alright.
gonna go down and see if I can get the pin out w/o butching it up too bad.