View Full Version : Gas Plug Washer...Worst thing about cleaning FAL?

September 23, 2001, 14:44
Howdy All, I just had my R1 and mosin nagant out for cleaning. Everything went smooth no problem on both with the exception of the Gas Plug Washer on the FAL.

This rubber band of a "washer" is by far the worst part of the design. What a pain in the booty to get back in place properly.

Does anyone know a trick for proper placement of the Gas Plug washer?

Or is there a better quality replacement part I can by for the gas plug washer that will seat properly?

Thanks in advance.

Stg 58
September 23, 2001, 15:14
Whats a gas plug washer? Can you post a picture?

September 23, 2001, 15:17
Ain't never seen no gas plug washer!

Where'd you find it?

September 23, 2001, 15:41

September 23, 2001, 15:49
little rubber band like "washer". Checked against parts list in manual. Only thing I coud link it to was "gas plug washer" part # 8d in list of parts for Light Automatic Rifle.

If it ain't supposed to be there I will gladly remove the annoying thing.

Derby FALs
September 23, 2001, 17:56
O-Ring? Maybe it was someone's way of sealing a leaky plug.

September 23, 2001, 18:03
Get rid of it. It is somebody's WECSOG thing. If your gas plug won't seal without it, you need to get a new gas plug and/or gas block.