View Full Version : Stimpsonjcat: what's your front sight straightening technique?

September 22, 2001, 21:36
I have a sight with a bit of wobble as you described in another thread.

What's your technique for truing 'em up?


September 24, 2001, 10:06
I have 'remanufactured' several front sights to make them taller as I prefer the folding L1A1 rear sights.

Basically, I file the existing pin down til I have a large enough area to mark and drill a hole. Then I silver solder a new longer pin in the hole. It's kinda tricky, and yes...SOME wobble is mandatory it seems.

I suppose you could find a friendly machinist to put it in a lathe and true it up, but it will get thinner.

One negative to my method is that I have had one where I used low-temp silver solder come loose on me...to make matter worse it was during a match. I use the paste now and haven't had any other failures...yet.