View Full Version : Bolt hold open

September 21, 2001, 14:39
I feel dumb asking this but should my L1A1
hold the bolt open after the last shot? It
doesn't. I thought I read something here on
that subject yesterday but can't find it.
Appreciate any help.

Dan at VOW
September 21, 2001, 14:45
AFAIK the only L1A1 version that had a functioning BHO was the C1 from Canada. Britain and Australia did not use them. You can either replace the pin in your BHO by driving or drilling out the old one, then swaging a new one in place. Or you can use one from a Metric FAL with the pin already in place. HTH, Dan.

September 21, 2001, 15:03
Thanks Dan, this was aussie so no bho, you
sell the metric stuff? This is one of those nasty ol CIA Hesses.

Dan at VOW
September 21, 2001, 21:19
Hey gimp, post a WTB ad in market place or check with Brad or Paul at www.gunthings.com (http://www.gunthings.com) they should have them and are great people to do business with. HTH, dan.